Student Credit Card 2019 – Four Good Choices

The team of Good Finance congratulates everyone who has received a place to study in 2019. Starting a study is a big change in life where many new topics come up for the fresh student. A student’s credit card is something that can go up in wallpaper when you start your studies.

For example, a credit card can provide product protection for online purchases if the product is damaged. A credit card is thus a student’s security in payment transactions, while raising the current buffer pool can be challenging during your studies.

Students receive many different benefits

Students receive many different benefits

In Finland, students receive many different benefits, but flexibility in the economy can be welcomed during their study years. For the student, the best credit card for 2019 can be found by careful comparison.

Getting a credit card requires a sufficient amount of regular income. However, many banks grant a credit card to a full-time student studying at a Finnish university. What kind of credit card is good for the student and what should you even consider when choosing a credit card?

Student credit card features to consider:

Student credit card features to consider:

  • Competitive monthly price
  • line of credit
  • Travel insurance
  • Mobile payment services
  • purchase protection

Compare credit cards


Another important card for the student, in addition to the credit card, is the student card. Founded in 2013, Frank is a student benefit service that brings student identification and student discounts all in one place. You can order a student card with a payment feature on the Frank website. This is a Danske Bank Mastercard Debit card free of charge but does not have a credit feature.

Option 1

However, Danske Bank offers the Danske Gold Daily Service Package for students at a discounted price of € 1.80 / month. The service package includes a Mastercard Gold Debit / Credit Card with comprehensive overseas travel insurance and an average non-interest payment term of 43 days.

Option 2

Another good student credit card option is the Nordea Gold credit card, which is available immediately after you receive your student placement. The card is free for the first five years for college students, after which the normal price of the card is € 6.25 / month.

If you are a Nordea customer, you can submit a credit card request. If you are not a Nordea customer and would like a card, you can become a Nordea customer online.

Option 3

Bank Norwegian credit card is popular with students for good reasons. However, you must be 23 to qualify. Norwegian Bank’s credit card is completely free of charge and only the interest on the credit card remains payable.

Students usually fly with a low cost airline such as Norwegian. Norwegian Bank Credit Card gives you up to 10% Bonus in CashPoints when flying with a Norwegian airline. Bonus up to 1% on CashPoints up to € 10,000 on purchases, followed by 0.5%.

The credit card has an interest-free credit of up to 45 days, free travel insurance and a credit limit of up to $ 1,000. A paper invoice costs € 4, but an E-invoice is free.

Option 4

Good-Visa is a credit card which can be used by a student studying in Finnish university with a credit limit of 2000 euros. The card has a non-interest payment term of 35 days. You can also conveniently include the GoodBank feature on your card and get a free product security coverage that covers card purchases for 180 days.

While credit card interest is an important issue, it is worthwhile to take full advantage of the non-interest bearing credit card repayment time to optimize student life. The table below summarizes the average interest-free repayment times for these credit cards.

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